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2014Khoisan hunter-gatherers have been the largest population throughout most of modern-human demographic historyKim, Hie Lim; Ratan, Aakrosh; Perry, George H.; Montenegro, Alvaro; Miller, Webb; Schuster, Stephan C.
2012Polar and brown bear genomes reveal ancient admixture and demographic footprints of past climate changeBedoya-Reina, Oscar C.; Ibarra-Laclette, Enrique; Herrera-Estrella, Luis; Schuster, Stephan C.; Welch, Andreanna J.; Miller, Webb; Ratan, Aakrosh; Zhao, Fangqing; Kim, Hie Lim; Burhans, Richard C.; Drautz, Daniela I.; Wittekindt, Nicola E.; Tomsho, Lynn P.; Peacock, Elizabeth; Farley, Sean; Sage, George K.; Rode, Karyn; Obbard, Martyn; Montiel, Rafael; Bachmann, Lutz; Ingolfsson, Olafur; Aars, Jon; Mailund, Thomas; Wiig, Oystein; Talbot, Sandra L.; Lindqvist, Charlotte
2013Poor man’s 1000 genome project : recent human population expansion confounds the detection of disease alleles in 7,098 complete mitochondrial genomesKim, Hie Lim; Schuster, Stephan C.
2012Sequencing and analysis of a South Asian-Indian personal genomeGupta, Ravi; Ratan, Aakrosh; Rajesh, Changanamkandath; Chen, Rong; Kim, Hie Lim; Burhans, Richard; Miller, Webb; Santhosh, Sam; Seshagiri, Somasekar; Thomas, George; Davuluri, Ramana V.; Butte, Atul J.; Schuster, Stephan C.