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2018Combining two outcome frames to promote support for obesity-related policiesKim, Hye Kyung; Lee, Tae Kyoung
2015Determinants of pregnant women’s online self-regulatory activities for appropriate gestational weight gainKim, Hye Kyung; Niederdeppe, Jeff; Guillory, Jamie; Graham, Meredith; Olson, Christine; Gay, Geri
2016Differential effects of message framing on obesity policy support between democrats and republicansLee, Tae Kyoung; Kim, Hye Kyung
2015Effects of Online Self-Regulation Activities on Physical Activity Among Pregnant and Early Postpartum WomenKim, Hye Kyung; Niederdeppe, Jeff; Graham, Meredith; Olson, Christine; Gay, Geri
 2016Effects of self-affirmation, narratives, and informational messages in reducing unrealistic optimism about alcohol-related problems among college studentsKim, Hye Kyung; Niederdeppe, Jeff
2019Fancying the new rich and famous? explicating the roles of influencer content, credibility, and parental mediation in adolescents' parasocial relationship, materialism, and purchase intentionsLou, Chen; Kim, Hye Kyung
2019Integrating risk perception attitude framework and the theory of planned behavior to predict mental health promotion behaviors among young adultsShi, Jingyuan; Kim, Hye Kyung
2020My avatar and the affirmed self : psychological and persuasive implications of avatar customizationKang, Hyunjin; Kim, Hye Kyung
2020The presence of the protagonist : explaining narrative perspective effects through social presenceKim, Nuri; Kim, Hye Kyung; Wojcieszak, Magdalena; Igartua, Juan-José; Lim, Cui Min
2019Psychosocial motivators for moderate drinking among young asian flushers in SingaporeLim, Rachel Si En; Wong, Dorothy Kang Min; Kim, Hye Kyung
 2018Risk information seeking and processing about particulate air pollution in South Korea : the roles of cultural worldviewKim, Hye Kyung; Kim, Yungwook
2015Scientific uncertainty as a moderator of the relationship between descriptive norm and intentions to engage in cancer risk-reducing behaviorsNiederdeppe, Jeff; Kim, Hye Kyung; Kim, Sooyeon
2019What motivates parents to mediate children’s use of smartphones? An application of the theory of planned behaviorShin, Wonsun; Kim, Hye Kyung