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2019Comb segmentation spectroscopy for rapid detection of molecular absorption linesLee, Jaehyun; Lee, Keunwoo; Yang, Jaewon; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2019Comb-rooted multi-channel synthesis of ultra-narrow optical frequencies of few Hz linewidthJang, Heesuk; Kim, Byung Soo; Chun, Byung Jae; Kang, Hyun Jay; Jang, Yoon-Soo; Kim, Yong Woo; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2017Direct comb multi-heterodyne interference spectroscopyLee, Keunwoo; Lee, Jaehyeon; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2015EUV generation by plasmonic field enhancement using nanostructuresHan, Seunghwoi; Kim, Hyunwoong; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2015Fourier-transform spectroscopy using an Er-doped fiber femtosecond laser by sweeping the pulse repetition rateLee, Keunwoo; Lee, Joohyung; Jang, Yoon-Soo; Han, Seongheum; Jang, Heesuk; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2017High-brightness laser imaging with tunable speckle reduction enabled by electroactive micro-optic diffusersFarrokhi, Hamid; Rohith, Thazhe Madam; Boonruangkan, Jeeranan; Han, Seunghwoi; Kim, Hyunwoong; Kim, Seung-Woo; Kim, Young-Jin
2021Injection-seeded high-repetition-rate short-pulse micro-laser based on upconversion nanoparticlesJiao, Jiannan; Zhou, Donglei; Li, Shufan; Low, Mun Ji; Gao, Yi; An, Jianing; Su, Pei-Chen; Kim, Seung-Woo; Kim, Seungchul; Kim, Kyujung; Suchand Sandeep, Chandramathi Sukumaran; Kim, Young-Jin
2020Laser-induced reduced-graphene-oxide micro-optics patterned by femtosecond laser direct writingLow, Mun Ji; Lee, Hyub; Lim, Joel Chin Huat; Suchand Sandeep, Chandramathi Sukumaran; Murukeshan, Vadakke Matham; Kim, Seung-Woo; Kim, Young-Jin
2016Optical inspection of smartphone camera modules by near-infrared low-coherence interferometryLee, Chang-Yun; Hyun, Sang-Won; Kim, Young-Jin; Kim, Seung-Woo
2015Precision 3D surface measurement of step-structures using mode-locked femtosecond pulsesKim, Young-Jin; Choi, Minah; Lee, Keunwoo; Jang, Heesuk; Park, Jiyong; Kim, Seung-Woo
2019Surface third-harmonic generation at a two-photon-polymerized micro-interferometer for real-time on-chip refractive index monitoringKim, Seung-Woo; Sandeep, C. S. Suchand; Jiao, Jiannan; Gao, Yi; Li, Shufan; Anh, Nguyen Duy; Su, Pei-Chen; Kim, Young-Jin