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2014A force balance model for the motion, impact, and bounce of bubblesKlaseboer, Evert; Manica, Rogerio; Hendrix, Maurice H. W.; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Chan, Derek Y. C.
2012High-speed jetting and spray formation from bubble collapseO’Shea, Sean J.; Karri, Badarinath; Avila, Silvestre Roberto Gonzalez; Loke, Yee Chong; Klaseboer, Evert; Khoo, Boo Cheong; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
2015Intensely oscillating cavitation bubble in microfluidicsOhl, Siew-Wan; Tandiono; Klaseboer, Evert; Ow, Dave; Choo, Andre; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
2012Jets and sprays arising from a spark-induced oscillating bubble near a plate with a holeKarri, Badarinath; Ohl, Siew-Wan; Klaseboer, Evert; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Khoo, Boo Cheong
 2014Microbubble-mediated sonoporation for highly efficient transfection of recalcitrant human B-cell linesYong, Charlene Li Ling; Ow, Dave Siak-Wei; Tandiono, Tandiono; Heng, Lisa Li Mei; Chan, Ken Kwok-Keung; Ohl, Claus-Dieter; Klaseboer, Evert; Ohl, Siew-Wan; Choo1, Andre Boon-Hwa
2013Resonant stretching of cells and other elastic objects from transient cavitationOw, Siak-Wei Dave; Tandiono, Tandiono; Klaseboer, Evert; Ohl, Siew-Wan; Choo, Andre Boon-Hwa; Li, Fenfang; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
 2012Sonolysis of Escherichia coli and Pichia pastoris in microfluidicsTandiono, Tandiono; Siak-Wei Ow, Dave; Driessen, Leonie; Sze-Hui Chin, Cara; Klaseboer, Evert; Boon-Hwa Choo, Andre; Ohl, Siew-Wan; Ohl, Claus-Dieter
2012Spatiotemporal evolution of thin liquid films during impact of water bubbles on glass on a micrometer to nanometer scaleHendrix, Maurice H. W.; Chan, Derek Y. C.; Manica, Rogerio; Klaseboer, Evert; Ohl, Claus-Dieter