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2018ASEAN’s evolving institutional strategy : managing great power politics in South China Sea disputesKoga, Kei
2022Countering emerging infectious diseases and COVID-19 : the development of ASEAN's institutional arrangements and international cooperationKoga, Kei
2010East Asia’s territorial disputes : time for preventive diplomacyKoga, Kei
2022The emerging power play in the Mekong subregion: a Japanese perspectiveKoga, Kei
2020The evolution of Japan's "misplacement" : from Meiji restoration to the Post-Cold War eraKoga, Kei
2021How strategic is “asymmetric” strategic partnership? Japan’s partnership diplomacy toward Cambodia and LaosKoga, Kei
2016Image and Substance Failures in Regional Organisations: Causes, Consequences, Learning and Change?Howlett, Michael; Koga, Kei; Chou, Meng-Hsuan
2014Japan's 'strategic diplomacy': leveraging on ASEAN in 2014Koga, Kei
2019Japan’s diplomatic strategy toward East Asia : creation and evolution of ‘dual-track diplomacy’ in the post-Cold War eraKoga, Kei
2018Japan’s strategic interests in the South China Sea : beyond the horizon?Koga, Kei
 2019Japan’s “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” strategy : Tokyo’s tactical hedging and the implications for ASEANKoga, Kei
2022Managing great power politics: ASEAN, institutional strategy, and the South China SeaKoga, Kei
2012The process of ASEAN’s institutional consolidation in 1968-1976 : theoretical implications for changes of third-world security oriented institutionKoga, Kei
2022Quad 3.0 : Japan, Indo-Pacific and minilateralismKoga, Kei
2016The Rise of Trump and Its Global Implications – Impact on US-Japan AllianceBhubhindar, Singh; Koga, Kei
2021Wedge strategies, Japan-ASEAN cooperation, and the making of EAS: implications for Indo-Pacific institutionalizationKoga, Kei