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2014Computational modeling reveals optimal strategy for kinase transport by microtubules to nerve terminalsKoon, Yen Ling; Koh, Cheng Gee; Chiam, Keng-Hwee
2015Dynamics of actin waves on patterned substrates : a quantitative analysis of circular dorsal rufflesBernitt, Erik; Koh, Cheng Gee; Gov, Nir; Döbereiner, Hans-Günther
2018Enhanced Delta-Notch lateral inhibition model incorporating intracellular notch heterogeneity and tension-dependent rate of Delta-Notch binding that reproduces sprouting angiogenesis patternsKoon, Yen Ling; Zhang, Songjing; Koh, Cheng Gee; Chiam, Keng-Hwee; Muhammad Bakhait Rahmat
2012In vivo FRET imaging revealed a regulatory role of RanGTP in kinetochore-microtubule attachments via Aurora B kinaseLee, Yoke Peng; Wong, Chi Hang; Chan, Kheng Sze; Li, Hoi Yeung; Koh, Cheng Gee; Lai, Soak Kuan
2011Investigating circular dorsal ruffles through varying substrate stiffness and mathematical modelingLeDuc, Philip R.; Zeng, Yukai; Lai, Tanny; Koh, Cheng Gee; Chiam, Keng-Hwee
2008POPX2 and its role in breast cancer.Susila, Agatha.