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 2012Elucidating the temporal dynamics of chromatin-associated protein release upon DNA digestion by quantitative proteomic approachDutta, Bamaprasad; Lim, Sai Kiang; Meshorer, Eran; Sze, Siu Kwan; Adav, Sunil S.; Koh, Cheng Gee.
 2012Functions and Regulation of Circular Dorsal RufflesHoon, Jing-Ling.; Wong, Wai-Keung.; Koh, Cheng Gee.
 2012Mitosis-targeted anti-cancer therapies : where they standChan, K.-S.; Li, H.-Y.; Koh, Cheng Gee.
2011The regulation of actin cytoskeleton in mouse embryonic stem cells during self-renewal and differentiation.Koh, Cheng Gee.
2008Roles of the phosphatase POPX in the regulation of cell signalling and cell morphology.Koh, Cheng Gee.