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1989Capital investment practices in Singapore : a survey of large companies.Chew, Kah Kee.; Koh, Hian Chye.
1990The communicative fidelity of audit opinions.Koh, Hian Chye.; Lee, Meng Hye.; Low, Aik Meng.
1992Compliance with non-mandatory accounting pronouncements : a Singapore experience.Ng, Eng Juan.; Koh, Hian Chye.
2007Data mining applications in healthcare.Koh, Hian Chye.; Tan, Gerald.
1990Determining the academic & professional profile of accountancy graduates required by employers.Lee, Meng Hye.; Lim, Bernard.; Koh, Hian Chye.; Tan, Teck Meng.; Low, Aik Meng.; Lee, Kenny.
1990Differential perceptions of auditing terms.Koh, Hian Chye.; Low, Aik Meng.; Tan, Pearl Hock Neo.
1995Evaluating the impact of social responsibility disclosure on investment decision making by institutional investors in Singapore : a field experiment.Koh, Hian Chye.; Teoh, Hai Yap.
1991Study of the demographic and personality characteristics of Simex dealers.Chew, Kah Kee.; Koh, Hian Chye.