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2015A 13.8-MHz RC Oscillator with Self-Calibration for ±0.4% Temperature Stability from -55 to 125◦CWang, Jiacheng; Koh, Leong Hai; Goh, Wang Ling
 2017Compensation of DC offset and scaling errors in voltage and current measurements of three-phase AC/DC convertersTrinh, Quoc Nam; Wang, Peng; Tang, Yi; Koh, Leong Hai; Choo, Fook Hoong
 2020Data-driven robust planning of electric vehicle charging infrastructure for urban residential car parksYan, Ziming; Zhao, Tianyang; Xu, Yan; Koh, Leong Hai; Go, Jonathan; Liaw, Wee Lin
2018Distributed hierarchical control of AC microgrid operating in grid-connected, islanded and their transition modesHou, Xiaochao; Sun, Yao; Lu, Jinghang; Zhang, Xin; Koh, Leong Hai; Su, Mei; Guerrero, Josep M.
2022Fuzzy control based virtual synchronous generator for self-adaptative control in hybrid microgridLyu, Ling; Wang, Xuesong; Zhang, Liang; Zhang, Zhe; Koh, Leong Hai
2015Operational adequacy studies of a PV-based & energy storage stand-alone microgridGao, Zhiyong; Püttgen, Hans B.; Koh, Leong Hai; Wang, Peng; Choo, Fook Hoong; Tseng, King-Jet
2022Power-frequency oscillation suppression algorithm for AC microgrid with multiple virtual synchronous generators based on fuzzy inference systemZhang, Liang; Zheng, Hao; Cai, Guowei; Zhang, Zhe; Wang, Xuesong; Koh, Leong Hai
2014Reliability management of microgrids with renewal energy sourcesKoh, Leong Hai
 2012Renewable energy integration into smart grids : problems and solutions — Singapore experienceKoh, Leong Hai; Tan, Yen Kheng; Wang, Peng; Tseng, King Jet
 2022Research on electric vehicle charging safety warning model based on back propagation neural network optimized by improved gray wolf algorithmZhang, Liang; Gao, Tian; Cai, Guowei; Koh, Leong Hai
 2018Robust circuit parameters design for the CLLC-type DC transformer in the hybrid AC-DC microgridHuang, Jingjing; Zhang, Xin; Shuai, Zhikang; Zhang, Xinan; Wang, Peng; Koh, Leong Hai; Xiao, Jianfang; Tong, Xiangqian