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 2014Bacteria-triggered release of antimicrobial agentsKomnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Chiang, Wen-Chi; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas E.
 2018Oxidative modification of tryptophan-containing peptidesPetersen, Jonas; Christensen, Katrine E.; Nielsen, Mathias T.; Mortensen, Kim T.; Komnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Qvortrup, Katrine
 2012Solid-phase synthesis of structurally diverse heterocycles by an amide-ketone condensation/N-acyliminium Pictet-Spengler sequenceGivskov, Michael; Komnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Nielsen, Thomas E.
 2015Synthesis of substituted γ- and δ-lactams through mannich-type reactions of solid-supported N -acyliminium ionsKomnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Taveras, Kennedy M.; Nandurkar, Nitin S.; Le Quement, Sebastian T.; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland