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2018A further study of low resolution androgenic hair patterns as a soft biometric traitChan, Frodo Kin Sun; Kong, Adams Wai Kin
2021Giant panda behaviour recognition using imagesSwarup, Pranjal; Chen, Peng; Hou, Rong; Que, Pinjia; Liu, Peng; Kong, Adams Wai Kin
2017A multi-model restoration algorithm for recovering blood vessels in skin imagesLi, Xiaojie; Kong, Adams Wai Kin
2019Palmprint recognition using realistic animation aided data augmentationPranjal, Swarup; Kong, Adams Wai Kin
2020A study on giant panda recognition based on images of a large proportion of captive pandasChen, Peng ; Swarup, Pranjal; Matkowski, Wojciech Michal; Kong, Adams Wai Kin; Han, Su; Zhang, Zhihe; Rong, Hou