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 20183D hierarchical defect-rich NiMo3S4 nanosheet arrays grown on carbon textiles for high-performance sodium-ion batteries and hydrogen evolution reactionKong, Dezhi; Wang, Ye; Lim, Yew Von; Huang, Shaozhuan; Zhang, Jun; Liu, Bo; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Hui Ying
 2018Bifunctional porous iron phosphide/carbon nanostructure enabled high-performance sodium-ion battery and hydrogen evolution reactionLim, Yew Von; Huang, Shaozhuan; Zhang, Yingmeng; Kong, Dezhi; Wang, Ye; Guo, Lu; Zhang, Jun; Shi, Yumeng; Chen, Tu Pei; Ang, Lay Kee; Yang, Hui Ying
2019Dendrite-free Li metal plating/stripping onto three-dimensional vertical-graphene@carbon-cloth hostYan, Congcong; Xu, Tingting; Ma, Caiyun; Zang, Jinhao; Xu, Junmin; Shi, Yumeng; Kong, Dezhi; Ke, Chang; Li, Xinjian; Wang, Ye
 2019Surface modification of Na₂Ti₃O₇ nanofibre arrays using N-doped graphene quantum dots as advanced anodes for sodium-ion batteries with ultra-stable and high-rate capabilityKong, Dezhi; Wang, Ye; Huang, Shaozhuan; Lim, Yew Von; Zhang, Jun; Sun, Linfeng; Liu, Bo; Chen, Tupei; Valdivia y Alvarado, Pablo; Yang, Hui Ying
 2014Three-dimensional Co3O4@MnO2 hierarchical nanoneedle arrays : morphology control and electrochemical energy storageKong, Dezhi; Luo, Jingshan; Wang, Yanlong; Ren, Weina; Yu, Ting; Luo, Yongsong; Yang, Yaping; Cheng, Chuanwei
2017Unlocking the potential of SnS2: Transition metal catalyzed utilization of reversible conversion and alloying reactionsHuang, Zhi Xiang; Wang, Ye; Liu, Bo; Kong, Dezhi; Zhang, Jun; Chen, Tupei; Yang, Hui Ying