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 2013Accelerating the design of biomimetic materials by integrating RNA-seq with proteomics and materials scienceGuerette, Paul A; Hoon, Shawn; Seow, Yiqi; Raida, Manfred; Masic, Admir; Wong, Fong T; Ho, Vincent H B; Kong, Kiat Whye; Demirel, Melik C; Pena-Francesch, Abdon; Amini, Shahrouz; Tay, Gavin Z; Ding, Dawei; Miserez, Ali
 2014Biomimetic production of silk-like recombinant squid sucker ring teeth proteinsDing, Dawei; Guerette, Paul A.; Hoon, Shawn; Kong, Kiat Whye; Cornvik, Tobias; Nilsson, Martina; Kumar, Akshita; Lescar, Julien; Miserez, Ali
2015Functional VEGFA knockdown with artificial 3′-tailed mirtrons defined by 5′ splice site and branch pointKock, Kian Hong; Kong, Kiat Whye; Hoon, Shawn; Seow, Yiqi
2014Identification and characterization of an eIF4e DNA aptamer that inhibits proliferation with high throughput sequencingGuo, Wei Mei; Kong, Kiat Whye; Brown, Christopher John; Quah, Soo Tng; Yeo, Hui Ling; Hoon, Shawn; Seow, Yiqi
 2018Supramolecular propensity of suckerin proteins is driven by β-sheets and aromatic interactions as revealed by solution NMRKumar, Akshita; Mohanram, Harini; Kong, Kiat Whye; Goh, Rubayn; Hoon, Shawn; Lescar, Julien; Miserez, Ali
2021TORC1 regulates the transcriptional response to glucose and developmental cycle via the Tap42-Sit4-Rrd1/2 pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMohammad Alfatah; Wong, Jin Huei; Krishnan, Vidhya Gomathi; Lee, Yong Cheow; Sin, Quan Feng; Goh, Corinna Jie Hui; Kong, Kiat Whye; Lee, Wei Ting; Lewis, Jacqueline; Hoon, Shawn; Arumugam, Prakash