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 2010Abui Tripartite Verbs: exploring the limits of compositionalityKlamer, Marian; Kratochvil, Frantisek
2016Degrees of affectedness and verbal prefixation in Abui (Papuan)Kratochvil, Frantisek; Delpada, Benidiktus
2015Diachronic Toponomastics and Language Reconstruction in South-East Asia According to an Experimental Convergent Methodology: Abui as a Case-StudyPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco; Kratochvil, Frantisek
2014Differential argument realization in AbuiKratochvil, Frantisek
 2011Discourse-structuring functions of Abui demonstrativesKratochvil, Frantisek
2012The historical relations of the papuan languages of alor and pantarKlamer, Marian.; Holton, Gary.; Kratochvil, Frantisek; Robinson, Laura C.; Schapper, Antoinette.
2006The Role of Animacy in Teiwa and Abui (Papuan)Klamer, Marian; Kratochvil, Frantisek