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 2017An aerial robot for rice farm quality inspection with type-2 fuzzy neural networks tuned by particle swarm optimization-sliding mode control hybrid algorithmCamci, Efe; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Ma, Linlu; Kayacan, Erdal; Khanesar, Mojtaba Ahmadieh
2020Density functional theory investigation of mechanical and electronic properties of two-dimensional semiconductorsKripalani, Devesh Raju
 2020Emissive nature and molecular behavior of zero-dimensional organic-inorganic metal halides Bmpip₂MX₄Sun, Ping-Ping; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Hao, Mengyao; Chi, Weijie; Li, Weidong; Zhou, Kun
 2018A first-principles study on the adsorption of small molecules on antimonene : oxidation tendency and stabilityKistanov, Andrey A.; Cai, Yongqing; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Zhou, Kun; Dmitriev, Sergey V.; Zhang, Yong-Wei
2019A new carbon phase with direct bandgap and high carrier mobility as electron transport material for perovskite solar cellsSun, Ping-Ping; Bai, Lichun; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Zhou, Kun
2018Strain engineering of antimonene by a first-principles study : mechanical and electronic propertiesKripalani, Devesh Raju; Kistanov, Andrey A.; Cai, Yongqing; Xue, Ming; Zhou, Kun
 2019Ultrafast diffusive cross-sheet motion of lithium through antimonene with a 2+1 dimensional kineticsKistanov, Andrey A.; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Cai, Yongqing; Dmitriev, Sergey V.; Zhou, Kun; Zhang, Yong-Wei
 2020Water dissociation and hydrogen evolution on the surface of Fe-based bulk metallic glassesSun, Ping-Ping; Kripalani, Devesh Raju; Zhou, Kun