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 2006Computational engineering on the grid : crafting a distributed virtual reactorKrzhizhanovskaya, Valeria V.; Korkhov, Vladimir V.; Tirado-Ramos, A.; Groen, D. J.; Shoshmina, I. V.; Valuev, I. A.; Morozov, I. V.; Malyshkin, N. V.; Gorbachev, Yu. E.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
2015Data-driven modeling of transportation systems and traffic data analysis during a major power outage in the NetherlandsMelnikov, Valentin R.; Krzhizhanovskaya, Valeria V.; Boukhanovsky, Alexander V.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
 2005Grid-based simulation of industrial thin-film productionKrzhizhanovskaya, Valeria V.; Sloot, Peter M. A.; Gorbachev, Yu. E.
 2007A grid-based virtual reactor : parallel performance and adaptive load balancingKorkhov, Vladimir V.; Krzhizhanovskaya, Valeria V.; Sloot, Peter M. A.
2018System dynamics of human body thermal regulation in outdoor environmentsMelnikov, Valentin; Krzhizhanovskaya, Valeria V.; Lees, Michael H.; Sloot, Peter M. A.