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20171-octanol-water partitioning as a classifier of water soluble organic matters: Implication for solubility distributionKuwata, Mikinori; Lee, Wen-Chien
2015Changing shapes and implied viscosities of suspended submicron particlesZhang, Y.; Sanchez, M. S.; Douet, C.; Wang, Y.; Bateman, A. P.; Gong, Z.; Kuwata, Mikinori; Renbaum-Wolff, L.; Sato, B. B.; Liu, P. F.; Bertram, A. K.; Geiger, F. M.; Martin, S. T.
2018Constraining the emission of particulate matter from Indonesian peatland burning using continuous observation dataKuwata, Mikinori; Neelam-Naganathan, Gautham-Giri; Miyakawa, Takuma; Kozan, Osamu; Kawasaki, Masahiro; Mohd Talib Latif; Syahrial Sumin; Md Firoz Khan
2018Dominant contribution of oxygenated organic aerosol to haze particles from real-time observation in Singapore during an Indonesian wildfire event in 2015Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Riva, Matthieu; Williams, Michael; Miyakawa, Takuma; Chen, Jing; Itoh, Masayuki; Surratt, Jason D.; Kuwata, Mikinori
2015Elemental composition of organic aerosol: the gap between ambient and laboratory measurementsHe, Ling-Yan; Chen, Qi; Heald, Colette L.; Jimenez, Jose L.; Canagaratna, Manjula R.; Zhang, Qi; Huang, Xiao-Feng; Campuzano-Jost, Pedro; Palm, Brett B.; Poulain, Laurent; Kuwata, Mikinori; Martin, Scot T.; Abbatt, Jonathan P. D.; Lee, Alex K.Y.; Liggio, John
2019New estimate of particulate emissions from Indonesian peat fires in 2015Kiely, Laura; Spracklen, Dominick V.; Wiedinmyer, Christine; Conibear, Luke; Reddington, Carly L.; Archer-Nicholls, Scott; Lowe, Douglas; Arnold, Stephen R.; Knote, Christoph; Khan, Md Firoz; Latif, Mohd Talib; Kuwata, Mikinori; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Syaufina, Lailan
2015Particle Classification by the Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer–Particle Mass Analyzer SystemKuwata, Mikinori
 2019Polarity-dependent chemical characteristics of water-soluble organic matter from laboratory-generated biomass-burning revealed by 1-octanol-water partitioningLee, Wen-Chien; Chen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Itoh, Masayuki; Shiodera, Satomi; Kuwata, Mikinori
2023The role of sulfur emission from the petroleum industry on ultrafine particle number concentration in SingaporeHou, Suyi; Li, Weihan; Yang, Liudongqing; Chen, Guorong; Zhang, Yilin; Kuwata, Mikinori
2022Roles of relative humidity and particle size on chemical aging of tropical peatland burning particles: potential influence of phase state and implications for hygroscopic propertyChen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Itoh, Masayuki; Kuwata, Mikinori
2018Secondary aerosol formation promotes water uptake by organic-rich wildfire haze particles in equatorial AsiaChen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Miyakawa, Takuma; Komazaki, Yuichi; Kuwata, Mikinori
2015Submicron particle mass concentrations and sources in the Amazonian wet season (AMAZE-08)Chen, Q.; Farmer, D. K.; Rizzo, L. V.; Pauliquevis, T.; Kuwata, Mikinori; Karl, T. G.; Guenther, A.; Allan, J. D.; Coe, H.; Andreae, M. O.; Pöschl, U.; Jimenez, J. L.; Artaxo, P.; Martin, S. T.
2017Temperature and burning history affect emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosol particles from tropical peatland fireKuwata, Mikinori; Kai, Fuu Ming; Yang, Liudongqing; Itoh, Masayuki; Gunawan, Haris; Harvey, Charles F.
2017Water uptake by fresh Indonesian peat burning particles is limited by water-soluble organic matterChen, Jing; Budisulistiorini, Sri Hapsari; Itoh, Masayuki; Lee, Wen-Chien; Miyakawa, Takuma; Komazaki, Yuichi; Yang, Liu Dong Qing; Kuwata, Mikinori