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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Active learning for ontological event extraction incorporating named entity recognition and unknown word handlingHan, Xu; Kim, Jung-jae; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2004Applying statistical technique and experimental design methodology to optimize experimental results of an automated high throughput DNA sequencerHan, Stanley Tong Jee.
2015ARG-walker: inference of individual specific strengths of meiotic recombination hotspots by population genomics analysisPrzytycka, Teresa M.; Zheng, Jie; Chen, Hao; Yang, Peng; Guo, Jing; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2013Automatic diagnosis of pathological myopia from heterogeneous biomedical dataZhang, Zhuo; Xu, Yanwu; Liu, Jiang; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Saw, Seang-Mei; Wong, Tien Yin
 2013Automatic glaucoma diagnosis through medical imaging informaticsLiu, Jiang; Zhang, Zhuo; Wong, Damon Wing Kee; Xu, Yanwu; Yin, Fengshou; Cheng, Jun; Tan, Ngan Meng; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Xu, Dong; Tham, Yih Chung; Aung, Tin; Wong, Tien Yin
2013Benchmarking human protein complexes to investigate drug-related systems and evaluate predicted protein complexesWu, Min; Yu, Qi; Li, Xiaoli; Zheng, Jie; Huang, Jing-Fei; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2013Beta atomic contacts : identifying critical specific contacts in protein binding interfacesLiu, Qian; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Hoi, Steven Chu Hong
2011Bio-computational analysis of human genomic variation in KCNH2 gene in chromosome 7Ong, Yuquan
2015Classifying vulnerability to sleep deprivation using baseline measures of psychomotor vigilanceKwoh, Chee Keong; Gooley, Joshua J.; Patanaik, Amiya; Chua, Eric C. P.; Chee, Michael W. L.
2000Computer-assisted laser resection of the prostate (CALRP)Ho, Gideon.
 2012A contact-network-based simulation model for evaluating interventions under “what-if” scenarios in epidemicLee, Gary Kee Khoon; Goh, Rick Siow Mong; Fu, Xiuju; Zhang, Tianyou; Lees, Michael; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2020Deep learning based DNA:RNA triplex forming potential predictionZhang, Yu; Long, Yahui; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2012Discovery of protein complexes with core-attachment structures from tandem affinity purification (TAP) dataWu, Min; Li, Xiaoli; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Ng, See-Kiong; Wong, Limsoon
2020DL-CRISPR : a deep learning method for off-target activity prediction in CRISPR/Cas9 with data augmentationZhang, Yu; Long, Yahui; Yin, Rui; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2005Efficient model and feature selection for SVM in biomedical data analysisZhao, Ying.
2012Epigenetic functions enriched in transcription factors binding to mouse recombination hotspotsWu, Min; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Przytycka, Teresa M.; Li, Jing; Zheng, Jie
2012Evaluating temporal factors in combined interventions of workforce shift and school closure for mitigating the spread of influenzaZhang, Tianyou; Fu, Xiuju; Ma, Stefan; Xiao, Gaoxi; Wong, Limsoon; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Lees, Michael; Lee, Gary Kee Khoon; Hung, Terence
2005Gene-primer a PCR primer design programKok, Wui Lim.
 2012Globalized bipartite local model for drug-target interaction predictionMei, Jian-Ping; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Yang, Peng; Li, Xiaoli; Zheng, Jie
2005Gne-primer : a PCR primer design programKok, Wui Lim.