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 2019Arguments for seeing theme- rheme and topic-comment as separate functional structuresLaPolla, Randy J.
2017Causation as a factor and goal in typological comparisonsLaPolla, Randy J.
2012Comments on methodology and evidence in Sino-Tibetan comparative linguisticsLaPolla, Randy J.
2014Constituent structure in a Tagalog textLaPolla, Randy J.
 2013Eastern Asia : Sino‐Tibetan linguistic historyLaPolla, Randy J.
2019A note on the history of the term “pronomenalisation”LaPolla, Randy J.
2017Notions of "subject"LaPolla, Randy J.
 2017Noun-modifying clause constructions in Sino-Tibetan languagesLaPolla, Randy J.
2016On categorization : stick to the facts of the languagesLaPolla, Randy J.
2016On scholarship in Sino-Tibetan linguisticsLaPolla, Randy J.
1992On the dating and nature of verb agreement in Tibeto-BurmanLaPolla, Randy J.
 2015On the logical necessity of a cultural and cognitive connection for the origin of all aspects of linguistic structureLaPolla, Randy J.
2016Once again on methodology and argumentation in linguisticsLaPolla, Randy J.
 2019The origin and spread of Sino-Tibetan languagesLaPolla, Randy J.
2017Overview of Sino-Tibetan morphosyntaxLaPolla, Randy J.
 2016Review of Evans (2014) : the language myth: why language is not an instinctLaPolla, Randy J.
2018Sino-Tibetan linguistics : critical concepts in linguistics, volume I to IVLaPolla, Randy J.
2015Sino-Tibetan syntaxLaPolla, Randy J.
 2013Subgrouping in Tibeto-Burman : can an individual-identifying standard be developed? How do we factor in the history of migrations and language contact?LaPolla, Randy J.
2014Towards a new approach to evidentiality : issues and directions for researchTournadre, Nicolas; LaPolla, Randy J.