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2015Extracellular vesicles are rapidly purified from human plasma by PRotein Organic Solvent PRecipitation (PROSPR)Gallart-Palau, Xavier; Serra, Aida; Wong, Andrew See Weng; Sandin, Sara; Lai, Mitchell K. P.; Chen, Christopher P.; Kon, Oi Lian; Sze, Siu Kwan
2016Gender differences in white matter pathology and mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease with cerebrovascular diseaseGallart-Palau, Xavier; Lee, Benjamin Sian Teck; Adav, Sunil Shankar; Qian, Jingru; Serra, Aida; Park, Jung Eun; Lai, Mitchell K. P.; Chen, Christopher P.; Kalaria, Raj N.; Sze, Siu Kwan
2021Hippocampal transcriptome profiling reveals common disease pathways in chronic hypoperfusion and agingBaik, Sang-Ha; Selvaraji, Sharmelee; Fann, David Y.; Poh, Luting; Jo, Dong-Gyu; Herr, Deron R.; Zhang, Shenpeng R.; Kim, Hyun Ah; Silva, Michael De; Lai, Mitchell K. P.; Chen, Christopher Li- Hsian; Drummond, Grant R.; Lim, Kah-Leong; Sobey, Christopher G.; Arumugam, Thiruma V.
2014iTRAQ Quantitative Clinical Proteomics Revealed Role of Na+K+ -ATPase and Its Correlation with Deamidation in Vascular DementiaAdav, Sunil S.; Qian, Jingru; Ang, Yi Lin; Kalaria, Raj N.; Lai, Mitchell K. P.; Chen, Christopher P.; Sze, Siu Kwan
2017An iTRAQ-based proteomic analysis reveals dysregulation of neocortical synaptopodin in Lewy body dementiasDatta, Arnab; Chai, Yuek Ling; Tan, Jing Min; Lee, Jasinda H.; Francis, Paul T.; Chen, Christopher P.; Sze, Siu Kwan; Lai, Mitchell K. P.
2014Novel pathophysiological markers are revealed by iTRAQ-based quantitative clinical proteomics approach in vascular dementiaLai, Mitchell K. P.; Kalaria, Raj N.; Chen, Christopher P.; Datta, Arnab; Qian, Jingru; Chong, Ruifen; Francis, Paul; Sze, Siu Kwan