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2017Almost minimax design of FIR filter using an IRLS algorithm without matrix inversionZhao, Ruijie; Lin, Zhiping; Toh, Kar-Ann; Sun, Lei; Lai, Xiaoping
2018Extreme learning machine with affine transformation inputs in an activation functionCao, Jiuwen; Zhang, Kai; Yong, Hongwei; Lai, Xiaoping; Chen, Badong; Lin, Zhiping
 2017Kernel based online learning for imbalance multiclass classificationDing, Shuya; Mirza, Bilal; Lin, Zhiping; Cao, Jiuwen; Lai, Xiaoping; Nguyen, Tam Van; Sepulveda, Jose
2018Luteolin escape mutants of dengue virus map to prM and NS2B and reveal viral plasticity during maturationVasudevan, Subhash G.; Peng, Minhua; Swarbrick, Crystall Marie Dawn; Chan, Kitti Wing-Ki; Luo, Dahai; Zhang, Wei; Lai, Xiaoping; Li, Geng
2017Luteolin restricts dengue virus replication through inhibition of the proprotein convertase furinPeng, Minhua; Watanabe, Satoru; Chan, Kitti Wing Ki; He, Qiuyan; Zhao, Ya; Zhang, Zhongde; Lai, Xiaoping; Luo, Dahai; Vasudevan, Subhash G.; Li, Geng
2012Minimax design of nonnegative finite impulse response filtersLai, Xiaoping; Xue, Anke; Lin, Zhiping; Lai, Chunlu
 2011Minimax phase error design of IIR digital filters with prescribed magnitude and phase responsesLai, Xiaoping; Lin, Zhiping