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2018Adaptive decision framework for civil infrastructure exposed to evolving risksLee, Ji Yun; Burton, Henry; Lallemant, David
 2018Adaptive decision-making for civil infrastructure systems and communities exposed to evolving risksLee, Ji Yun; Burton, Henry V.; Lallemant, David
2020Informatics for equitable recovery : supporting equitable disaster recovery through mapping and integration of social vulnerability into post-disaster impact assessmentsLallemant, David; Loos, Sabine; McCaughey, Jamie; Budhathoki, Nama; Khan, Feroz
2019Tephra cushioning of ballistic impacts : quantifying building vulnerability through pneumatic cannon experiments and multiple fragility curve fitting approachesWilliams, George T.; Kennedy, Ben M.; Lallemant, David; Wilson, Thomas M.; Allen, Nicole; Scott, Allan; Jenkins, Susanna F.