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 2011Effects of polymer melt compressibility on mold filling in micro-injection moldingNguyen, Q. M. P.; Lam, Y. C.; Yue, C. Y.; Chen, X.
2019Femtosecond laser pulse inducing hydrophilicty and hydrophobicity on polycarbonate surfacesWang, Z. K.; Zheng, H. Y.; Thwe, A. M.; Chen, Guojie; Lam, Y. C.
2006Research in advanced manufacturing technology : powder injection molding and thermal spray characterizationYu, Simon Ching Man.; Lam, Y. C.; Ng, Heong Wah.
 2014Selective surface modification of PET substrate for inkjet printingYeo, L. P; Lok, B. K.; Nguyen, Q. M. P.; Lu, C. W.; Lam, Y. C.