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 2013A 281-nW 43.3 fJ/conversion-step 8-ENOB 25-kS/s asynchronous SAR ADC in 65nm CMOS for biomedical applicationsYuan, Chao; Lam, Yvonne Ying Hung
2004Analog system design using FPAAMaung Win Phyo.
 2012Charge sharing non-binary SAR ADCChen, Xiangchen; Yuan, Chao; Lam, Yvonne Ying Hung
 2021Low voltage low power output programmable OCL-LDO with embedded voltage referenceNardi, Utomo; Teo, Terence Boon Chiat; Lim, Xian Yang; Venkadasamy, Navaneethan; Liu, Ziming; Tan, Chong Boon; Seah, Bryan Yun Da; Lam, Yvonne Ying Hung; Siek, Liter
2003Macromodelling of analogue circuits using VHDL-AMSSu, Latt Mon.
2008Multi-bit sigma-delta beamformer with minimal dynamic focusing artifactsCheong, Jia Hao; Lam, Yvonne Ying Hung; Koh, Liang Mong; Tiew, Kei Tee
2008Sigma-delta receive beamformer based on cascaded reconstruction for ultrasound imaging applicationCheong, Jia Hao; Lam, Yvonne Ying Hung; Tiew, Kei Tee; Koh, Liang Mong
2003Translation of HDL circuit description to circuit netlistMa, Su Yamin