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2019Design of an experimental platform for hybridization of atomic and superconducting quantum systemsLandra, Alessandro; Hufnagel, Christoph; Chean, Lim Chin; Weigner, Thomas; Yap, Yung Szen; Nguyen, Long Hoang; Dumke, Rainer
2021Ghost factors in Gauss-sum factorization with transmon qubitsZaw, Lin Htoo; Tan, Paul Yuanzheng; Nguyen, Long Hoang; Budoyo, Rangga P.; Park, Kun Hee; Koh, Zhi Yang; Landra, Alessandro; Hufnagel, Christoph; Yap, Yung Szen; Koh, Teck Seng; Dumke, Rainer
2018Stabilizing Rabi oscillation of a charge qubit via the atomic clock techniqueYu, Deshui; Landra, Alessandro; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Amico, Luigi; Dumke, Rainer
2017Superconducting atom chips : towards quantum hybridizationHufnagel, Christoph; Landra, Alessandro; Lim, Chin Chean; Yu, Deshui; Dumke, Rainer
2016Superconducting resonator and Rydberg atom hybrid system in the strong coupling regimeYu, Deshui; Landra, Alessandro; Valado, María Martínez; Hufnagel, Christoph; Kwek, Leong Chuan; Amico, Luigi; Dumke, Rainer