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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Assessing the Efficacy of Mdm2/Mdm4-Inhibiting Stapled Peptides Using Cellular Thermal Shift AssaysBrown, Christopher J.; Ferrer, Fernando J.; Yuen, Tsz Ying; Quah, Soo Tng; Chan, Boon Hong; Teo, Hsiang Ling; Nordlund, Pär; Lane, David P.; Tan, Ban Xiong; Jansson, Anna Elisabet
2012Binding of translationally controlled tumour protein to the N-terminal domain of HDM2 is inhibited by Nutlin-3Funston, Garth.; Goh, Walter.; Wei, Siau Jia.; Tng, Quah Soo.; Tong, Loh Jiah.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar.; Ghadessy, Farid.; Lane, David P.; Brown, Christopher J.
2017Characterizing the conformational landscape of MDM2-binding p53 peptides using molecular dynamics simulationsYadahalli, Shilpa; Li, Jianguo; Lane, David P.; Gosavi, Shachi; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2013A comparison and optimization of methods and factors affecting the transformation of Escherichia coliVerma, Chandra Shekhar; Lane, David P.; Chan, Weng-Tat; Gan, Samuel Ken-En
2019The dual interactions of p53 with MDM2 and p300 : implications for the design of MDM2 inhibitorsKannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Partridge, Anthony William; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
 2017Evidence for allosteric effects on p53 oligomerization induced by phosphorylationMuller, Petr; Chan, Juliana M.; Simoncik, Oliver; Fojta, Miroslav; Lane, David P.; Hupp, Ted; Vojtesek, Borivoj
2014Functionalised staple linkages for modulating the cellular activity of stapled peptidesLau, Yu Heng; de Andrade, Peterson; Quah, Soo-Tng; Rossmann, Maxim; Laraia, Luca; Sköld, Niklas; Sum, Tze Jing; Rowling, Pamela J. E.; Joseph, Thomas L.; Verma, Chandra; Hyvönen, Marko; Itzhaki, Laura S.; Venkitaraman, Ashok R.; Brown, Christopher J.; Lane, David P.; Spring, David R.
2012Improved eIF4E binding peptides by phage display guided design : plasticity of interacting surfaces yield collective effectsZhou, Weizhuang.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar.; Liu, Yun.; Lane, David P.; Brown, Christopher J.; Tng, Quah Soo.
2019Inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome activation by cell-permeable stapled peptidesVerma, Chandra Shekhar; Lane, David P.; Mortellaro, Alessandra; Pal, Arumay; Neo, Kurt; Rajamani, Lakshminarayanan; Ferrer, Fernando Jose
 2014Investigating peptide sequence variations for ‘double-click’ stapled p53 peptidesLau, Yu Heng; de Andrade, Peterson; Sköld, Niklas; McKenzie, Grahame J.; Venkitaraman, Ashok R.; Verma, Chandra; Lane, David P.; Spring, David R.
2016Long range recognition and selection in IDPs : the interactions of the C-terminus of p53Kannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
 2014mAb806 binding to epidermal growth factor receptor: a computational studyNg, Yao Zong; Kannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Lane, David P.; Fuentes, Gloria; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2013Mapping the structural and dynamical features of multiple p53 DNA binding domains : insights into loop 1 intrinsic dynamicsLukman, Suryani.; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra S.
2014Mechanism of stapled peptide binding to MDM2 : possible consequences for peptide designSim, Adelene Y. L.; Joseph, Thomas; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra
2016The p53–Mdm2 interaction and the E3 ligase activity of Mdm2/Mdm4 are conserved from lampreys to humansVenkatesh, Byrappa; Lane, David P.; Coffill, Cynthia R.; Lee, Alison P.; Siau, Jia Wei; Chee, Sharon M.; Joseph, Thomas L.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Madhumalar, Arumugam; Tay, Boon-Hui; Brenner, Sydney; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Ghadessy, Farid J.
2013Rational optimization of conformational effects induced by hydrocarbon staples in peptides and their binding interfacesLama, Dilraj; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Lane, David P.; Brown, Christopher J.; Quah, Soo T.; Verma, Chandra S.; Beuerman, Roger W.
2017Role of the N-terminal lid in regulating the interaction of phosphorylated MDMX with p53Chan, Jane Vin; Koh, Dawn Xin Ping; Liu, Yun; Joseph, Thomas L.; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Tan, Yaw Sing
2019Simulations of mutant p53 DNA binding domains reveal a novel druggable pocketSiau, Jia Wei; Kannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Ouaray, Zohra; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Ghadessy, Farid; Pradhan, Mohan Rajan; Nguyen, Minh N.; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2012Stapled BH3 Peptides against MCL-1 : mechanism and design using atomistic simulationsJoseph, Thomas L.; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar.
2019Structural insights reveal a recognition feature for tailoring hydrocarbon stapled-peptides against the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E proteinLama, Dilraj; Liberatore, Anne-Marie; Frosi, Yuri; Nakhle, Jessica; Tsomaia, Natia; Bashir, Tarig; Lane, David P.; Brown, Christopher J.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Auvin, Serge