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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Biaxially crumpled silver thin-film electrodes for dielectric elastomer actuatorsLow, Sze-Hsien; Lau, Gih-Keong
2017Controlled micro-wrinkling of ultrathin indium-tin-oxide films for transparency tuningWei, Deyuan; Shrestha, Milan; Asundi, Anand; Lau, Gih-Keong
2017Development of elastomeric flight muscles for flapping wing micro air vehiclesLau, Gih-Keong; Chin, Yao-Wei; La, Thanh-Giang
2017Dielectric elastomer fingers for versatile grasping and nimble pinchingLau, Gih-Keong; Heng, Kim-Rui; Ahmed, Anansa S.; Shrestha, Milan
2014Dipteran-insect-inspired thoracic mechanism with nonlinear stiffness to save inertial power of flapping-wing flightLau, Gih-Keong; Chin, Yao-Wei; Goh, Joel Tian-Wei; Wood, Robert J.
2015Directional-sensitive differential laser Doppler vibrometry for in-plane motion measurement of specular surfaceAgusanto, Kusuma; Lau, Gih-Keong; Wu, Kun; Liu, Ting; Zhu, Chuangui; Yuan, Ling
2013The effect of folds in thin metal film electrodes used in dielectric elastomer actuatorsLow, Sze-Hsien; Lau, Gih-Keong
2019Effect of oblique retroreflection from a vibrating mirror on laser Doppler shiftAgusanto, Kusuma; Lau, Gih-Keong; Liu, Ting; Zhu, Chuangui
2020Effects of thinner compliant electrodes on self-clearability of dielectric elastomer actuatorsLau, Gih-Keong; Shiau, Li-Lynn; Chua, Soo-Lim
2017Electrically tunable and broader-band sound absorption by using micro-perforated dielectric elastomer actuatorLu, Zhenbo; Shrestha, Milan; Lau, Gih-Keong
2017Electrically tunable window based on microwrinkled ZnO/Ag thin filmShrestha, Milan; Asundi, Anand; Lau, Gih-Keong
 2018Event-triggered control for a saturated nonlinear system with prescribed performance and finite-time convergenceZheng, Zewei; Lau, Gih-Keong; Xie, Lihua
2014High stress actuation by dielectric elastomer with oil capsulesLa, Thanh-Giang; Lau, Gih-Keong; Shiau, Li-Lynn; Tan, Adrian W. Y.
2016Inhibiting electro-thermal breakdown of acrylic dielectric elastomer actuators by dielectric gel coatingLa, Thanh-Giang; Lau, Gih-Keong
2017Ink-Jet Printing of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)Lau, Gih-Keong; Shrestha, Milan
2015Large axial actuation of pre-stretched tubular dielectric elastomer and use of oil encapsulation to enhance dielectric breakdown strengthLau, Gih-Keong; Tan, Desmond Di-Teng; La, Thanh-Giang
2015Large-strain, high-stress tubular dielectric elastomer actuator with high pre-stretch and oil encapsulationTan, Desmond Di-Teng; La, Thanh-Giang; Lau, Gih-Keong
2014Lightweight mechanical amplifiers for rolled dielectric elastomer actuators and their integration with bio-inspired wing flappersLau, Gih-Keong; Lim, Hoong-Ta; Teo, Jing-Ying; Chin, Yao-Wei
2015Microscopically crumpled indium-tin-oxide thin films as compliant electrodes with tunable transmittanceOng, Hui-Yng; Shrestha, Milan; Lau, Gih-Keong
2014Muscle-like high-stress dielectric elastomer actuators with oil capsulesLa, Thanh-Giang; Lau, Gih-Keong; Shiau, Li-Lynn; Tan, Adrian Wei-Yee