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2017The anti-oxidant defense system of the marine polar ciliate euplotes nobilii : characterization of the msrb gene familyRicci, Francesca; Bakiu, Rigers; Santovito, Gianfranco; Lauro, Federico M.; Grzymski, Joseph J.; Read, Robert; Luporini, Pierangelo; Vallesi, Adriana
2014The common oceanographer : crowdsourcing the collection of oceanographic dataLauro, Federico M.; Senstius, Svend Jacob; Cullen, Jay; Neches, Russell; Jensen, Rachelle M.; Brown, Mark V.; Darling, Aaron E.; Givskov, Michael; McDougald, Diane; Hoeke, Ron; Ostrowski, Martin; Philip, Gayle K.; Paulsen, Ian T.; Grzymski, Joseph J.
2018Complete genome sequence of the cyanophage S-PRM1 isolated from Singapore coastal watersChénard, Caroline; Kolundžija, Sandra; Lauro, Federico M.
2018Draft genome sequence of Enterobacter sp. strain EA-1, an electrochemically active microorganism isolated from tropical sedimentRice, Scott A.; Marsili, Enrico; Lauro, Federico M.; Doyle, Lucinda Elizabeth; Williams, Rohan Benjamin Hugh
2016Ecological succession of the microbial communities of an air-conditioning cooling coil in the tropicsAcerbi, Enzo; Chenard, Caroline; Miller, Dana; Gaultier, Nicolas Eugene; Heinle, Cassie Elizabeth; Chang, Victor Wei-Chung; Uchida, Akira; Drautz-Moses, Daniela I.; Schuster, Stephan Christoph; Lauro, Federico M.
2014Ecotype diversity and conversion in Photobacterium profundum strainsLauro, Federico M.; Eloe-Fadrosh, Emiley A.; Richter, Taylor K. S.; Vitulo, Nicola; Ferriera, Steven; Johnson, Justin H.; Bartlett, Douglas H.
2016Global transcriptomic responses of Escherichia coli K-12 to volatile organic compoundsYung, Pui Yi; Grasso, Letizia Lo; Mohidin, Abeed Fatima; Acerbi, Enzo; Hinks, Jamie; Seviour, Thomas; Marsili, Enrico; Lauro, Federico M.
2017MetaLIMS, a simple open-source laboratory information management system for small metagenomic labsHeinle, Cassie Elizabeth; Gaultier, Nicolas Paul Eugène; Miller, Dana; Purbojati, Rikky Wenang; Lauro, Federico M.
2018Particulate polyphosphate and alkaline phosphatase activity across a latitudinal transect in the tropical Indian OceanMartin, Patrick; Lauro, Federico M.; Sarkar, Amit; Prakash, Satya; Vinayachandran, P. N.; Goodkin, Nathalie Fairbank
2014Population dynamics of an acinetobacter baumannii clonal complex during colonization of patientsWen, Hanchun; Wang, Ke; Liu, Yang; Tay, Martin; Lauro, Federico M.; Huang, Hong; Wu, Huayu; Liang, Hongjie; Ding, Yichen; Givskov, Michael; Chen, Yiqiang; Yang, Liang
2015Spatially extensive microbial biogeography of the Indian Ocean provides insights into the unique community structure of a pristine coral atollJeffries, Thomas C.; Ostrowski, Martin; Williams, Rohan B.; Xie, Chao; Jensen, Rachelle M.; Grzymski, Joseph J.; Senstius, Svend Jacob; Givskov, Michael; Hoeke, Ron; Philip, Gayle K.; Neches, Russell Y.; Drautz-Moses, Daniela I.; Chénard, Caroline; Paulsen, Ian T.; Lauro, Federico M.
2018Stratification modelling of key bacterial taxa driven by metabolic dynamics in meromictic lakesLauro, Federico M.; Su, Haibin; Zhu, Kaicheng
2019Temporal and spatial dynamics of Bacteria, Archaea and protists in equatorial coastal watersChénard, Caroline; Wijaya, Winona; Vaulot, Daniel; Lopes dos Santos, Adriana; Martin, Patrick; Kaur, Avneet; Lauro, Federico M.