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 2013The confounding effect of nitrite on N2O production by an enriched ammonia-oxidizing cultureLaw, Yingyu; Lant, Paul; Yuan, Zhiguo
2018Draft genome sequence of a “Candidatus Brocadia” bacterium enriched from activated sludge collected in a tropical climateSeviour, Thomas William; Drautz-Moses, Isabel Moses; Law, Yingyu; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Liu, Xianghui; Arumugam, Krithika; Natarajan, Gayathri; Wuertz, Stefan
2016Integrative microbial community analysis reveals full-scale enhanced biological phosphorus removal under tropical conditionsLaw, Yingyu; Kirkegaard, Rasmus Hansen; Cokro, Angel Anisa; Liu, Xianghui; Arumugam, Krithika; Xie, Chao; Stokholm-Bjerregaard, Mikkel; Drautz-Moses, Daniela Isabel; Nielsen, Per Halkjær; Wuertz, Stefan; Williams, Rohan Benjamin Hugh
 2019Polyphosphate-accumulating organisms in full-scale tropical wastewater treatment plants use diverse carbon sourcesQiu, Guanglei; Zuniga-Montanez, Rogelio; Law, Yingyu; Thi, Sara Swa; Nguyen, Thi Quynh Ngoc; Eganathan, Kaliyamoorthy; Liu, Xianghui; Nielsen, Per H.; Williams, Rohan B. H.; Wuertz, Stefan