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 2011Adsorption of perfluorinated compounds on thin-film composite polyamide membranesKwon, Young-Nam; Shih, Kaimin; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Leckie, James O.
2015Carbon–silica composite nanofiber membrane for high flux separation of water-in-oil emulsion – Performance study and fouling mechanismTai, Ming Hang; Juay, Jermyn; Leckie, James O.; Sun, Darren Delai
 2012Degradation of polyamide nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranes by hypochloriteTang, Chuyang Y.; Reinhard, Martin; Leckie, James O.; Do, Van Thanh
 2012Effects of chlorine exposure conditions on physiochemical properties and performance of a polyamide membrane : mechanisms and implicationsDo, Van Thanh; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Reinhard, Martin; Leckie, James O.
 2012Effects of hypochlorous acid exposure on the rejection of salt, polyethylene glycols, boron and arsenic(V) by nanofiltration and reverse osmosis membranesDo, Van Thanh; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Reinhard, Martin; Leckie, James O.
2014Highly efficient and flexible electrospun carbon silica nanofibrous membrane for ultrafast gravity-driven oil water separationTai, Ming Hang; Gao, Peng; Tan, Benny Yong Liang; Sun, Darren Delai; Leckie, James O.
 2015A self-assembled superhydrophobic electrospun carbon-silica nanofiber sponge for selective removal and recovery of oils and organic solventsTai, Ming Hang; Tan, Benny Yong Liang; Juay, Jermyn; Sun, Darren D.; Leckie, James O.