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2007Coffee over the internetZhu, Yatao.
2006Design and optimization of Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS)Luo, Xingfang
2004Design of a dual band planar inverted-F antenna for GMS/DCS mobile handsetFang, Jun
2000Dual-frequency microstrip patch antennas and their application for IMT-2000 mobile handsetsWang, Yajun.
2002Phased array antennas for reception of DBS TV programsLee, Ching Kwang; Law, Choi Look; Nemai Karmakar
2002Portable ground terminal for LEO satellite communicationLaw, Choi Look; Arichandra, K.; Seumahu, S.; Dubey, Vimal Kishore; Gosling, Ian Gilbert; Lu, Yilong; Lee, Ching Kwang
1999Vivaldi antennaYeo, Kok Soon.