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2015Kindlin-3 interacts with the ribosome and regulates c-Myc expression required for proliferation of chronic myeloid leukemia cellsQu, Jing; Ero, Rya; Feng, Chen; Ong, Li-Teng; Tan, Hui-Foon; Lee, Hui-Shan; Ismail, Muhammad HB; Bu, Wen-Ting; Nama, Srikanth; Sampath, Prabha; Gao, Yong-Gui; Tan, Suet-Mien
 2012Kindlin-3 mediates integrin αLβ2 outside-in signaling, and it interacts with scaffold protein receptor for activated-c kinase 1 (RACK1)Cornvik, Tobias Carl; Ruedl, Christiane; Feng, Chen; Li, Yan Feng; Yau, Yin Hoe; Lee, Hui-Shan; Tang, Xiao-Yan; Xue, Zhi-Hong; Zhou, Yi-Chao; Lim, Wei-Min; Shochat, Susana Geifman; Tan, Suet Mien