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2016Closing oil palm yield gaps among Indonesian smallholders through industry schemes, pruning, weeding and improved seedsLee, Janice Ser Huay; Soliman, T.; Lim, F. K. S.; Carrasco, L. R.
2020Combining radar and optical imagery to map oil palm plantations in Sumatra, Indonesia, using the Google Earth EngineSarzynski, Thuan; Giam, Xingli; Carrasco, Luis; Lee, Janice Ser Huay
2020Does oil palm certification create trade-offs between environment and development in Indonesia?Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Miteva, Daniela A.; Carlson, Kimberly M.; Heilmayr, Robert; Saif, Omar
 2020The environmental impacts of palm oil in contextMeijaard, Erik; Brooks, Thomas M.; Carlson, Kimberly M.; Slade, Eleanor M.; Garcia-Ulloa, John; Gaveau, David L. A.; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Santika, Truly; Juffe-Bignoli, Diego; Struebig, Matthew J.; Wich, Serge A.; Ancrenaz, Marc; Koh, Lian Pin; Nadine Zamira; Abrams, Jesse F.; Prins, Herbert H. T.; Sendashonga, Cyriaque N.; Murdiyarso, Daniel; Furumo, Paul R.; Macfarlane, Nicholas; Hoffmann, Rachel; Persio, Marcos; Descals, Adrià; Szantoi, Zoltan; Sheil, Douglas
2020Estimating global mean sea-level rise and its uncertainties by 2100 and 2300 from an expert surveyHorton, Benjamin Peter; Khan, Nicole S.; Cahill, Niamh; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Shaw, Timothy Adam; Garner, Andra J.; Kemp, Andrew C.; Engelhart, Simon E.; Rahmstorf, Stefan
2021Evaluating a large-scale online behaviour change intervention aimed at wildlife product consumers in SingaporeDoughty, Hunter; Milner-Gulland, E. J.; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Oliver, Kathryn; Carrasco, L. Roman; Veríssimo, Diogo
2019Evaluating the social and environmental factors behind the 2015 extreme fire event in Sumatra, IndonesiaSze, Jocelyne Shimin; Jefferson; Lee, Janice Ser Huay
2022Geophysical and anthropogenic drivers for global and regional fire emission trends from 2001 to 2019Wu, Sifeng; Smith, Stuart William; Lee, Janice Ser Huay
2019Saiga horn user characteristics, motivations, and purchasing behaviour in SingaporeDoughty, Hunter; Veríssimo, Diogo; Tan, Regina Chun Qi; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Carrasco, Luis Roman; Oliver, Kathryn; Milner-Gulland, Eleanor Jane
2020Strategic advertising of online news articles as an intervention to influence wildlife product consumersDoughty, Hunter; Wright, Joss; Veríssimo, Diogo; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Oliver, Kathryn; Milner‐Gulland, E. J.
2019Top 100 research questions for biodiversity conservation in Southeast AsiaColeman, J. L.; Ascher, J. S.; Bickford, D.; Buchori, D.; Cabanban, A.; Chisholm, R. A.; Chong, K. Y.; Christie, P.; Clements, G. R.; dela Cruz, T. E. E.; Dressler, W.; Edwards, D. P.; Francis, C. M.; Friess, D. A.; Giam, X.; Gibson, L.; Huang, D.; Hughes, A. C.; Jaafar, Z.; Jain, A.; Koh, L. P.; Kudavidanage, E. P.; Lee, B. P. Y.-H.; Lee, Janice Ser Huay; Lee, T. M.; Leggett, M.; Leimona, B.; Linkie, M.; Luskin, Matthew Scott; Lynam, A.; Meijaard, E.; Nijman, V.; Olsson, A.; Page, S.; Parolin, P.; Peh, K. S.-H.; Posa, M. R.; Prescott, G. W.; Rahman, S. A.; Ramchunder, S. J.; Rao, M.; Reed, J.; Richards, D. R.; Slade, E. M.; Steinmetz, R.; Tan, P. Y.; Taylor, D.; Todd, P. A.; Vo, S. T.; Webb, E. L.; Ziegler, A. D.; Carrasco, L. R.