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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019An Asian study on clinical and psychological factors associated with personal recovery in people with psychosisLim, Madeline; Li, Ziqiang; Xie, Huiting; Tan, Bhing Leet; Lee, Jimmy
2019Assessing negative symptoms in schizophrenia : validity of the clinical assessment interview for negative symptoms in SingaporeRekhi, Gurpreet; Ang, Mei San; Yuen, Caryn Kai Yan; Ng, Wai Yee; Lee, Jimmy
2017Assessment and Prediction of Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia from RGB+D Movement SignalsChakraborty, Debsubhra; Tahir, Yasir; Yang, Zixu; Maszczyk, Tomasz; Dauwels, Justin; Thalmann, Daniel; Magnenat Thalmann, Nadia; Tan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy
2018Assessment of patients with negative symptoms of schizophrenia from movement, and prosodic and conversational speech signalsTan, Bhing-Leet; Lee, Jimmy; Chakraborty, Debsubhra; Yang, Zixu; Yasir, Tahir; Dauwels, Justin; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
2021Associations of living arrangements with symptoms and functioning in schizophreniaAng, Mei San; Rekhi, Gurpreet; Lee, Jimmy
2022Education on depression in mental health apps: systematic assessment of characteristics and adherence to evidence-based guidelinesMartinengo, Laura; Stona, Anne-Claire; Car, Lorainne Tudor; Lee, Jimmy; Griva, Konstadina; Car, Josip
 2021The effect of therapeutic alliance on attitudes toward psychiatric medications in schizophreniaLim, Madeline; Li, Ziqiang; Xie, Huiting; Tan, Bhing Leet; Lee, Jimmy
2019The effects of clinical illness severity and physical activity on health-related quality of life in schizophreniaAng, Mei San; Nurjono, Milawaty; Lee, Jimmy
2021Evaluating the utility of digital phenotyping to predict health outcomes in schizophrenia : protocol for the HOPE-S observational studyNur Amirah Abdul Rashid; Martanto, Wijaya; Yang, Zixu; Wang, Xuancong; Heaukulani, Creighton; Vouk, Nikola; Buddhika, Thisum; Wei, Yuan; Verma, Swapna; Tang, Charmaine; Morris, Robert J. T.; Lee, Jimmy
2018Factors associated with changes in community ability and recovery after psychiatric rehabilitation : a retrospective studyTan, Bhing-Leet; Ng, Wai-Yee; Sudhasan, Jayson; Chng, Thomas; Mok, Irene; Lee, Jimmy
2021Genome wide study of tardive dyskinesia in schizophreniaLim, Keane; Lam, Max; Zai, Clement; Tay, Jenny; Karlsson, Nina; Deshpande, Smita N.; Thelma, B. K.; Ozaki, Norio; Inada, Toshiya; Sim, Kang; Chong, Siow-Ann; Lencz, Todd; Liu, Jianjun; Lee, Jimmy
2016Genome-wide association study of Parkinson’s disease in East AsiansFoo, Jia Nee; Tan, Louis C.; Irwan, Ishak D.; Au, Wing-Lok; Low, Hui Qi; Prakash, Kumar-M.; Azlina Ahmad-Annuar; Bei, Jinxin; Chan, Anne Y. Y.; Chen, Chiung Mei; Chen, Yi-Chun; Chung, Sun Ju; Deng, Hao; Lim, Shen-Yang; Mok, Vincent; Pang, Hao; Pei, Zhong; Peng, Rong; Shang, Hui-Fang; Song, Kyuyoung; Tan, Ai Huey; Wu, Yih-Ru; Aung, Tin; Cheng, Ching-Yu; Chew, Fook Tim; Chew, Soo-Hong; Chong, Siow-Ann; Ebstein, Richard P.; Lee, Jimmy; Saw, Seang-Mei; Seow, Adeline; Subramaniam, Mythily; Tai, E-Shyong; Vithana, Eranga N.; Wong, Tien-Yin; Heng, Khai Koon; Meah, Wee-Yang; Khor, Chiea Chuen; Liu, Hong; Zheng, Furen; Liu, Jianjun; Tan, Eng-King
2022Haptoglobin in ultra-high risk of psychosis - findings from the longitudinal youth at risk study (LYRIKS)Yee, Jie Yin; Chow, Si Qing; Lim, Keane; Goh, Wilson; Sng, Judy; Lee, Tih-Shin; Lee, Jimmy
2017Harvesting 3D multiphysics modeling techniques for smart and sustainable university campusZhang, Xiaoqin; Thomas, Rithika; Jadhav, Nilesh; Lee, Jimmy; Conaghan, Catherine; Rawte, Rohan; Mehta, Priyanka
2021The impact of negative symptoms and neurocognition on functioning in MDD and schizophreniaQuek, Yue Feng; Yang, Zixu; Dauwels, Justin; Lee, Jimmy
2022An investigation of how normalisation and local modelling techniques confound machine learning performance in a mental health studyZhang, Xinxin; Lee, Jimmy; Goh, Wilson Wen Bin
2016Large 3‐Mb deletions at 22q11.2 locus in Parkinson's disease and schizophreniaFoo, Jia Nee; Lee, Jimmy; Tan, Louis C.; Liu, Jianjun; Tan, Eng-King
2018Levels of serum brain-derived neurotropic factor in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis—findings from the longitudinal youth at risk study (LYRIKS)Lee, Jimmy; Yee, Jie Yin; Lee, Tih-Shih
2018Montreal cognitive assessment as a screening instrument for cognitive impairments in schizophreniaYang, Zixu; Quek, Yue Feng; Lam, Max; See, Yuen Mei; Maniam, Yogeswary; Dauwels, Justin; Tan, Bhing Leet; Lee, Jimmy; Nur Amirah Abdul Rashid
 2019The relationship between serum adiponectin levels, cardiometabolic indices and metabolic syndrome in schizophreniaTay, Yi Hang; Lee, Jimmy