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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Activated recovery of PVC from contaminated waste extension cord-cable using a weak acidJia, Chunmiao; Das, Pallab; Zeng, Qiang; Gabriel, Jean-Christophe P.; Tay, Chor Yong; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Alveolate porous carbon aerogels supported Co9S8 derived from a novel hybrid hydrogel for bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysisHu, Xuejiao; Chen, Yifan; Zhang, Mengru; Fu, Gengtao; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2012Applications of ionic liquidsPatel, Divia Dinesh; Lee, Jong-Min
 2020Atomically dispersed CoN4/B, N-C nanotubes boost oxygen reduction in rechargeable Zn–air batteriesZhao, Ruopeng; Chen, J.; Chen, Z.; Jiang, Xian; Fu, Gengtao; Tang, Y.; Jin, W.; Lee, Jong-Min; Huang, S.
 2020B, N-doped ultrathin carbon nanosheet superstructure for high-performance oxygen reduction reaction in rechargeable zinc-air batteryZhao, Ruopeng; Li, Qinghua; Chen, Zhijing; Jose, Vishal; Jiang, Xian; Fu, Gengtao; Lee, Jong-Min; Huang, Shaoming
 2018Bifunctional sulfonated MoO3 – ZrO2 binary oxide catalysts for the one-step synthesis of 2,5-diformylfuran from fructoseZhao, Jun; Jayakumar, Anjali; Lee, Jong-Min
 2019Bimetal/metal oxide encapsulated in graphitic nitrogen doped mesoporous carbon networks for enhanced oxygen electrocatalysisJose, Vishal; Jayakumar, Anjali; Lee, Jong-Min
 2017Boosting bifunctional oxygen electrocatalysis with 3D graphene aerogel-supported Ni/MnO particlesFu, Gengtao; Yan, Xiaoxiao; Chen, Yifan; Xu, Lin; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
2016Catalytic activities for methanol oxidation on ultrathin CuPt 3 wavy nanowires with/without smart polymerFu, Gengtao; Yan, Xiaoxiao; Cui, Zhiming; Sun, Dongmei; Xu, Lin; Tang, Yawen; Goodenough, John B.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2022Catalytic pyrolysis of film waste over Co/Ni pillared montmorillonites towards H₂ productionLi, Kaixin; Wang, Yiqian; Zhou, Wenjie; Cui, Tingting; Yang, Jinglei; Sun, Zhipeng; Min, Yonggang; Lee, Jong-Min
 2021Clarifying the in-situ cytotoxic potential of electronic waste plasticsShi, Pujiang; Wan, Yan; Grandjean, Agnès; Lee, Jong-Min; Tay, Chor Yong
 2017A coconut leaf sheath derived graphitized n‐doped carbon network for high‐performance supercapacitorsJayakumar, Anjali; Zhao, Jun; Lee, Jong-Min
 2020Confined growth of pyridinic N–Mo₂C sites on MXenes for hydrogen evolutionWang, Hao; Lin, Yanping; Liu, Shuyuan; Li, Jianmin; Bu, Liangmin; Chen, Jianmei; Xiao, Xu; Choi, Jin-Ho; Gao, Lijun; Lee, Jong-Min
 2012Confining effect of carbon-nanotube configuration on phase behavior of hard-sphere fluidHuang, Huan Cong; Lee, Jong-Min; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Singh, Jayant K.
 2018Conventional and new materials for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) of NOxLiu, Yu; Zhao, Jun; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Core – shell CuPd@Pd tetrahedra with concave structures and Pd-enriched surface boost formic acid oxidationChen, Yifan; Yang, Yifan; Fu, Gengtao; Xu, Lin; Sun, Dongmei; Lee, Jong-Min; Tang, Yawen
 2018Coupling orientation and mediation strategies for efficient electron transfer in hybrid biofuel cellsElouarzaki, Kamal; Cheng, Daojian; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2022Dense heterointerfaces and unsaturated coordination synergistically accelerate electrocatalysis in Pt/Pt₅P₂ porous nanocagesLi, Yinghao; Kidkhunthod, Pinit; Zhou, Yingtang; Wang, Xin; Lee, Jong-Min
 2018Design and integration of molecular-type catalysts in fuel-cell technologyJose, Vishal; Elouarzaki, Kamal; Fisher, Adrian C.; Lee, Jong-Min
 2013Design of short membrane selective antimicrobial peptides containing tryptophan and arginine residues for improved activity, salt-resistance, and biocompatibilitySaravanan, Rathi; Li, Xiang; Lim, Kaiyang; Mohanram, Harini; Peng, Li; Mishra, Biswajit; Basu, Anindya; Lee, Jong-Min; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Leong, Susanna Su Jan