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2019Digital health professions education on diabetes management : systematic review by the digital health education collaborationHuang, Zhilian; Semwal, Monika; Lee, Shuen Yee; Tee, Mervin; Ong, William; Tan, Woan Shin; Bajpai, Ram; Tudor Car, Lorainne
2020Exercise habits and ageing health : exploring the associations of FGF21 and lung microbiome in glycaemic regulation, bone health, arterial stiffness and respiratory healthLee, Shuen Yee
2020Pulse wave velocity is associated with increased plasma oxLDL in ageing but not with FGF21 and habitual exerciseLee, Shuen Yee; Burns, Stephen F.; Ng, Kenneth K. C.; Stensel, David J.; Zhong, Liang; Tan, Frankie H. Y.; Chia, Kar Ling; Fam, Kai Deng; Yap, Margaret M. C.; Yeo, Kwee Poo; Yap, Eric Peng Huat; Lim, Chin Leong