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2018A composition theorem for randomized query complexityAnshu, Anurag; Gavinsky, Dmitry; Jain, Rahul; Kundu, Srijita; Lee, Troy; Mukhopadhyay, Priyanka; Santha, Miklos; Sanyal, Swagato
2014The cover number of a matrix and its algorithmic applicationsLee, Troy; Alon, Noga; Shraibman, Adi
2015Fooling-sets and rankFriesen, Mirjam; Hamed, Aya; Lee, Troy; Oliver Theis, Dirk
2013Matrix completion from any given set of observationsLee, Troy; Shraibman, Adi
2016On the sum-of-squares degree of symmetric quadratic functionsde Wolf, Ronald; Yuen, Henry; Lee, Troy; Prakash, Anupam
2017Separating quantum communication and approximate rankAnshu, Anurag; Garg, Ankit; Kothari, Robin; Ben-David, Shalev; Jain, Rahul; Lee, Troy