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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An analytical method to study the effects of a substrate in surface-enhanced Raman scatteringHuang, Shao Ying; Wu, Bae-Ian; Zhang, Baile; Lee, Yee Hui; Liberman, Vladimir; Rothschild, Mordechai
2015Categorization of cloud image patches using an improved texton-based approachDev, Soumyabrata; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan
2018Characterization of S-band dual-polarized radar data for the convective rain melting layer detection in a tropical regionYuan, Feng; Lee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song; Ong, Jin Teong
 2012Comparison of S-band radar attenuation prediction with beacon measurementsLee, Yee Hui; Yeo, Jun Xiang; Kumar, Lakshmi Sutha; Ong, Jin Teong
2016Design Of A Compact Patch Antenna Loading Periodic Jerusalem CrossesMi, Siya; Lee, Yee Hui
2012Empirical modeling of ducting effects on a mobile microwave link over a sea surfaceMeng, Yu Song; Lee, Yee Hui
2019Estimating solar irradiance using sky imagersDev, Soumyabrata; Savoy, Florian M.; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan
 2012Evaluation of laboratory equipments as channel sounding system for mobile radio propagationLee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song
 2012Experiment results of a two-by-two diverse antenna system over sea surface in NLOS scenarioDong, Feng; Lee, Yee Hui
 2012Further investigation of empirical path-loss modeling for short forested pathsLee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song
 2018GPS-derived PWV for rainfall nowcasting in tropical regionManandhar, Shilpa; Lee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song; Yuan, Feng; Ong, Jin Teong
2019GPS-PWV based improved long-term rainfall prediction algorithm for tropical regionsManandhar, Shilpa; Lee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song
2018High-dynamic-range imaging for cloud segmentationDev, Soumyabrata; Savoy, Florian M.; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan
2015Key considerations in the modeling of tropical maritime microwave attenuationsLee, Yee Hui; Meng, Yu Song
 2012Multi-band gap-coupled microstrip patch antennaMi, Siya; Lee, Yee Hui
2015Multi-level semantic labeling of Sky/cloud imagesDev, Soumyabrata; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan
2014Optimal energy transfer pipe arrangement for acoustic drill string telemetryKumar, Lakshmi Sutha; Han, Wei Kwang; Guan, Yong Liang; Sun, Sumei; Lee, Yee Hui
 2012Out-of-band gain prediction of blade antennas for EMC purposeWang, Lu; Koh, Wee Jin; Lee, Yee Hui
 2013Protecting satellite systems from disassociation DoS attacksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Ma, Maode
 2015QoS provisioning by power control for video communication via satellite linksMa, Ting; Lee, Yee Hui; Winkler, Stefan; Ma, Maode