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2014Analysing the effectiveness of wearable wireless sensors in controlling crowd disastersAngela, Teo Yu Hui; Viswanathan, Vaisagh; Lees, Michael; Cai, Wentong
 2013Bio-development of motorway network in the Netherlands : a slime mould approachAdamatzky, Andrew; Lees, Michael; Sloot, Peter M. A.
 2012A contact-network-based simulation model for evaluating interventions under “what-if” scenarios in epidemicLee, Gary Kee Khoon; Goh, Rick Siow Mong; Fu, Xiuju; Zhang, Tianyou; Lees, Michael; Kwoh, Chee Keong
2012Evaluating temporal factors in combined interventions of workforce shift and school closure for mitigating the spread of influenzaZhang, Tianyou; Fu, Xiuju; Ma, Stefan; Xiao, Gaoxi; Wong, Limsoon; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Lees, Michael; Lee, Gary Kee Khoon; Hung, Terence
 2012Grid-based partitioning for large-scale distributed agent-based crowd simulationWang, Yongwei; Lees, Michael; Cai, Wentong
2013PDES-MAS : distributed simulation of multi-agent systemsSuryanarayanan, Vinoth; Theodoropoulos, Georgios; Lees, Michael
 2012SEMSim : a distributed architecture for multi-scale traffic simulationXu, Yadong; Aydt, Heiko; Lees, Michael
2018Survey-based socio-economic data from slums in Bangalore, IndiaRoy, Debraj; Palavalli, Bharath; Menon, Niveditha; King, Robin; Pfeffer, Karin; Lees, Michael; Sloot, Peter M. A.
 2012Symbiotic simulation for future electro-mobility transportation systemsAydt, Heiko; Lees, Michael; Knoll, Alois