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 2012The consequences of protecting audit partners’ personal assets from the threat of liabilityLennox, Clive S.; Li, Bing
 2014Does mandatory rotation of audit partners improve audit quality?Lennox, Clive S.; Wu, Xi; Zhang, Tianyu
 2015The effect of China's weak institutional environment on the quality of Big 4 auditsKe, Bin; Lennox, Clive S.; Xin, Qingquan
 2015Management influence on auditor selection and subsequent impairments of auditor independence during the post-SOX periodLamoreaux, Phillip T.; Lennox, Clive S.; Mauler, Landon M.; Dhaliwal, Dan S.
 2011Racial integration, ethnic diversity, and prejudice : empirical evidence from a study of the British National PartyLennox, Clive S.
 2012Selection models in accounting researchLennox, Clive S.; Francis, Jere R.; Wang, Zitian
 2013Tax aggressiveness and accounting fraudLennox, Clive S.; Lisowsky, Petro; Pittman, Jeffrey