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2020Bioresorbable polymeric scaffold in cardiovascular applicationsToong, Daniel Wee Yee; Toh, Han Wei; Ng, Jaryl Chen Koon; Wong, Philip En Hou; Leo, Hwa Liang; Venkatraman, Subramanian; Tan, Lay Poh; Ang, Hui Ying; Huang, Yingying
2019Ex vivo assessment of bicuspidization repair in treating severe functional tricuspid regurgitation : a stereo-scopic PIV studyNguyen, Yen Ngoc; Kabinejadian, Foad; Kong, William Kok-Fai; Tay, Edgar Lik Wui; Leo, Hwa Liang; Munirah Ismail
 2018Post-operative ventricular flow dynamics following atrioventricular valve surgical and device therapies : a reviewNguyen, Yen Ngoc; Ismail, Munirah; Kabinejadian, Foad; Tay, Edgar Lik Wui; Leo, Hwa Liang