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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20143D Printing of Polycaprolactone MembraneAn, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Leong, Kah Fai; Yeong, Wai Yee
20173D printing trends in building and construction industry: a reviewTay, Yi Wei Daniel; Panda, Biranchi; Paul, Suvash Chandra; Noor Mohamed, Nisar Ahamed; Tan, Ming Jen; Leong, Kah Fai
2004Applying project management methodology to the design and manufacturing process of industrial automation productsLim, Boon Han.
2004Automated foton ring cutter machineFeeldy
2001An autonomous demonstration toy : an application for a voice activated direction finding techniqueLee, Ting Yeng.
 2013Clothing polymer fibers with well-aligned and high-aspect ratio carbon nanotubesSun, Gengzhi; Zheng, Lianxi; An, Jia; Pan, Yongzheng; Zhou, Jinyuan; Zhan, Zhaoyao; Pang, John Hock Lye; Chua, Chee Kai; Leong, Kah Fai; Li, Lin
2014A Comparative Study on Selective Laser Melting and Electron Beam Melting Process for Orthopedic ImplantsKhalid Rafi, Haludeen; Sing, Swee Leong; An, Jia; Yeong, Wai Yee; Leong, Kah Fai
2018Compressive properties of electron beam melted lattice structures with density gradientChoy, Sing Ying; Wang, Pan; Sun, Chen Nan; Feih, Stephanie; Sin, Wai Jack; Leong, Kah Fai; Wei, Jun
1997Cost modeling of multichip modules substrates technology in concurrent engineeringMok, Mun Fai.
1999Design and development of bio-medical devices using rapid prototyping techniquesPhua, Kenneth Khiang Song.
2004Design and development of drug delivery devices using selective laser sinteringGui, Wee Siong.
2003Design of a fast supermarket checkout systemRajashree Ramachandra Kurop
2001Design of a temperature information feed-bottleOngpauco, Maniya Aura Doctor.
2005Design of goods liftChen, Rongkai.
2018Develop cementitious materials incorporating fly ash cenophere for spray-based 3D printingLu, Bing; Li, Mingyang; Leong, Kah Fai; Qian, Shunzhi; Tan, Ming Jen
2004Developing a new generation micro compo systemZhang, Jian
2002Development and characterisation of new techniques in design and build of polymeric drug delivery devices using selective laser sinteringLow, Kah Hock.
2004Development of algorithm for constructing and assembling scaffolds for tissue engineeringWang, Yanqing.
2004Development of polymeric and bioceramic tissue engineering scaffolds via fused deposition modelingAng, Ker Chin
2002Development of spinal stabilization device using rapid prototyping and rapid tooling techniquesOoi, Yau Yen.