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 2013Antimicrobial functionalization of silicone surfaces with engineered short peptides having broad spectrum antimicrobial and salt-resistant propertiesLi, Xiang; Li, Peng; Saravanan, Rathi; Basu, Anindya; Mishra, Biswajit; Lim, Suo Hon; Su, Xiaodi; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Antimicrobial macromolecules : synthesis methods and future applicationsLi, Xiang; Li, Peng; Saravanan, Rathi; Li, Chang Ming; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2013Biomolecular engineering of a human beta defensin model for increased salt resistanceLi, Xiang; Saravanan, Rathi; Kwak, Sang Kyu; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2013Design of short membrane selective antimicrobial peptides containing tryptophan and arginine residues for improved activity, salt-resistance, and biocompatibilitySaravanan, Rathi; Li, Xiang; Lim, Kaiyang; Mohanram, Harini; Peng, Li; Mishra, Biswajit; Basu, Anindya; Lee, Jong-Min; Bhattacharjya, Surajit; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2011High productivity chromatography refolding process for Hepatitis B Virus X (HBx) protein guided by statistical design of experiment studiesBasu, Anindya; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Hildebrand solubility parameters of ionic liquids : effects of ionic liquid type, temperature and DMA fraction in ionic liquidWeerachanchai, Piyarat; Chen, Zhengjian; Leong, Susanna Su Jan; Chang, Matthew Wook; Lee, Jong-Min
 2012The imminent role of protein engineering in synthetic biologyFoo, Jee Loon; Ching, Chi Bun; Chang, Matthew Wook; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Improvement of biomass properties by pretreatment with ionic liquids for bioconversion processWeerachanchai, Piyarat; Leong, Susanna Su Jan; Chang, Matthew Wook; Ching, Chi Bun; Lee, Jong-Min
2013Lasioglossin-III : antimicrobial characterization and feasibility study for immobilization applicationsMishra, Biswajit; Basu, Anindya; Saravanan, Rathi; Xiang, Li; Yang, Lim Kai; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2014Microbial tolerance engineering toward biochemical production: from lignocellulose to productsLing, Hua; Teo, Weisuong; Chen, Binbin; Leong, Susanna Su Jan; Chang, Matthew Wook
2014Site specific immobilization of a potent antimicrobial peptide onto silicone catheters: evaluation against urinary tract infection pathogensMishra, Biswajit; Basu, Anindya; Chua, Ray Rong Yuan; Saravanan, Rathi; Tambyah, Paul Anantharajah; Ho, Bow; Chang, Matthew Wook; Leong, Susanna Su Jan
 2012Three-dimensional structure of human β-defensin 28 via homology modelling and molecular dynamicsKwak, Sang Kyu; Chen, Wenwen; Tay, Derrick Kok Sing; Leong, Susanna Su Jan