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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20091-D settlement characteristics of compacted residual soilsLu, Yitan.
20091-D settlement characteristics of unsaturated soilsLi, Bing.
2010Aeration slab study volume 2Rahardjo, Harianto; Indrawan, I Gde Budi; Fakhrur, Rozy Harnas
2020Application of remote sensing for major land geohazardsLim, Benjamin Jie Min
2018Application of sand-rubber mixtures to mitigate vibration and ground shockChew, Jia Han
2012Application of surface wave tests for ground profilingYau, Sian Fong.
2017Assessing surface seals of soils on slopesLiu, Chenying
2019Bending strength of local treesWong, Jazz Ji Xin
2017Capillary rise phenomenon in transparent soilTang, Weilun
2019Closing the hysteresis loop for soil-water characteristic curve (SWCC) of sandsV Madhavan Narayanan
2021Comparison of field and laboratory measurement of hydraulic conductivity of surface soilsChia, You Xun
2010Compressibility characteristics of unsaturated soilSoh, Jasmine Xiang Qin.
2009Compression and shear wave velocities of unsaturated soilsWee, Rayner Jian De.
2011Compression characteristic of unsaturated residual soils by constant rate of strain testTan, Wei Jian.
2011Compression characteristics of unsaturated residual soils by increment load testTan, Kyna Wenli.
2017Compression, shrinkage and wetting-induced volume change of unsaturated soilsWijaya, Martin
2014Consolidation of unsaturated soils with pore-water pressure measurementYap, Kenneth Chern Lim
2011Cyclic simple shear properties of unsaturated residual soilsChin, Kheng Boon
2017Damping properties of sand-rubber mixturesTay, Clara Hui Xia
2013Damping ratio from surface wave testsLee, Pei Yu.