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 2022Adaptive optimal output tracking of continuous-time systems via output-feedback-based reinforcement learningChen, Ci; Xie, Lihua; Xie, Kan; Lewis, Frank L.; Xie. Shengli
 2019Adaptive synchronization of multi-agent systems with resilience to communication link faultsChen, Ci; Xie, Kan; Lewis, Frank L.; Xie, Shengli; Fierro, Rafael
 2023Adaptive uniform performance control of strict-feedback nonlinear systems with time-varying control gainZhao, Kai; Wen, Chengyun; Song, Yongduan; Lewis, Frank L.
 2018Cooperative output regulation of heterogeneous linear multi-agent networks via H∞ performance allocationLi, Xianwei; Soh, Yeng Chai; Xie, Lihua; Lewis, Frank L.
 2019Differential graphical games for H∞ control of linear heterogeneous multiagent systemsFarnaz Adib Yaghmaie; Hengster-Movric, Kristian; Lewis, Frank L.; Su, Rong
 2022Event-triggered coordination of multi-agent systems via a Lyapunov-based approach for leaderless consensusChen, Ci; Lewis, Frank L.; Li, Xiaolei
 2018H∞-output regulation of linear heterogeneous multiagent systems over switching graphsAdib Yaghmaie, Farnaz; Hengster Movric, Kristian; Lewis, Frank L.; Su, Rong; Sebek, Michael
 2018Nash equilibrium seeking for N-coalition noncooperative gamesYe, Maojiao; Hu, Guoqiang; Lewis, Frank L.
 2012Synchronization of discrete-time multi-agent systems on graphs using H2-Riccati designLewis, Frank L.; Hengster-Movric, Kristian; You, Keyou; Xie, Lihua