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2016Conical Diffraction and Composite Lieb Bosons in Photonic LatticesDiebel, Falko; Leykam, Daniel; Kroesen, Sebastian; Denz, Cornelia; Desyatnikov, Anton S.
2017Edge Modes, Degeneracies, and Topological Numbers in Non-Hermitian SystemsChong, Yi Dong; Nori, Franco; Leykam, Daniel; Bliokh, Konstantin Y.; Huang, Chunli
2016Edge Solitons in Nonlinear-Photonic Topological InsulatorsLeykam, Daniel; Chong, Yi Dong
2017Experimental observation of optical Weyl points and Fermi arc-like surface statesChong, Yi Dong; Chen, Kevin P.; Rechtsman, Mikael C.; Noh, Jiho; Huang, Sheng; Leykam, Daniel
2017Flat bands in lattices with non-Hermitian couplingLeykam, Daniel; Flach, Sergej; Chong, Yi Dong
2017Localization of weakly disordered flat band statesLeykam, Daniel; Bodyfelt, Joshua D.; Desyatnikov, Anton S.; Flach, Sergej
2018Nonreciprocity in synthetic photonic materials with nonlinearityChen, Weijian; Leykam, Daniel; Yang, Lan; Chong, Yi Dong
2017Observation of transverse coherent backscattering in disordered photonic structuresBoguslawski, Martin; Brake, Sebastian; Leykam, Daniel; Desyatnikov, Anton S.; Denz, Cornelia
2018Observation of valley Landau-Zener-Bloch oscillations and pseudospin imbalance in photonic grapheneSun, Yong; Leykam, Daniel; Nenni, Stephen; Song, Daohong; Chen, Hong; Chong, Yi Dong; Chen, Zhigang
2017Optical isolation with nonlinear topological photonicsZhou, Xin; Wang, You; Leykam, Daniel; Chong, Yi Dong
2019Photonic anomalous quantum hall effectMittal, Sunil; Orre, Venkata Vikram; Leykam, Daniel; Chong, Yi Dong; Mohammad Hafezi
2018PT phase transitions of edge states at PT symmetric interfaces in non-Hermitian topological insulatorsNi, Xiang; Smirnova, Daria; Poddubny, Alexander; Leykam, Daniel; Chong, Yidong; Khanikaev, Alexander B.
2018Realization of a magneto-optical near-zero index medium by an unpaired Dirac pointZhou, Xin; Leykam, Daniel; Chattopadhyay, Udvas; Khanikaev, A. B.; Chong, Yi Dong
2018Reconfigurable topological phases in next-nearest-neighbor coupled resonator latticesLeykam, Daniel; Mittal, S.; Hafezi, M.; Chong, Yi Dong