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2020Achievable precision of close modes in operational modal analysis : wide band theoryAu, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin; Brownjohn, James M. W.
2021Asymptotic identification uncertainty of well-separated modes in operational modal analysis with multiple setupsXie, Yan-Long; Au, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin
2021Bayesian operational modal analysis with multiple setups and multiple (possibly close) modesZhu, Zuo; Au, Siu-Kui; Li, Binbin; Xie, Yan-Long
2021Discovery of hyperstable noncanonical plant-derived epidermal growth factor receptor agonist and analogsLoo, Shining; Kam, Antony; Li, Binbin; Feng, Nan; Wang, Xiaoliang; Tam, James P.
2019An expectation-maximization algorithm for Bayesian operational modal analysis with multiple (possibly close) modesLi, Binbin; Au, Siu-Kui
 2013Experimental and numerical study of the effects of heave plate on the motion of a new deep draft multi-spar platformLi, Binbin; Huang, Zhenhua; Low, Ying Min; Ou, Jinping
2022Fast computation of uncertainty lower bounds for state-space model-based operational modal analysisShi, Yuanfeng; Li, Binbin; Au, Siu-Kui
2022Measuring configuration of multi-setup ambient vibration testLi, Binbin; Xie, Yan-Long; Au, Siu-Kui
2016Syntheses and anti-cancer evaluation of optically pure gold (I) phosphine complexesLi, Binbin
2021Understanding and managing identification uncertainty of close modes in operational modal analysisAu, Siu-Kui; Brownjohn, James M. W.; Li, Binbin; Raby, Alison