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 2020DTLShps : SDN-based DTLS handshake protocol simplification for IoTMa, Y.; Yan, L.; Huang, X.; Ma, Maode; Li, D.
2008The effects of high-pressure compression on transport and thermoelectric properties of TiS2 at low temperatures from 5 to 310KHng, Huey Hoon; Li, D.; Qin, X. Y.; Li, H. J.; Zhang, J.
2008Electrical transport and thermoelectric properties of double filled compounds Ca0.1CexCo4Sb12 at low temperaturesLi, D.; Yang, K.; Hng, H. H.; Qin, X. Y.; Ma, J.
2014Study of a 1 eV GaNAsSb photovoltaic cell grown on a silicon substrateTan, K. H.; Loke, W. K.; Wicaksono, S.; Li, D.; Leong, Y. R.; Yoon, S. F.; Sharma, P.; Milakovich, T.; Bulsara, M. T.; Fitzgerald, E. A.
2009Thermoelectric properties of p-type CoSb3 nanocomposites with dispersed CoSb3 nanoparticlesYang, L.; Hng, H. H.; Li, D.; Yan, Q. Y.; Ma, J.; Zhu, T. J.; Zhao, X. B.; Huang, H.
 2012Trans-Z-source neutral point clamped inverterMo, W.; Li, D.; Loh, Poh Chiang; Blaabjerg, Frede