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2011Dynamical systems : a tool for analysis and design of silicon half center oscillatorsLi, Fei; Basu, Arindam; Cohen, Avis H.; Chang, Chip Hong
2012Dynamical systems guided design and analysis of silicon oscillators for central pattern generatorsCohen, Avis H.; Li, Fei; Basu, Arindam; Chang, Chip Hong
2020An efficient approach for measuring semantic similarity combining WordNet and WikipediaLi, Fei; Liao, Lejian; Zhang, Lanfang; Zhu, Xinhua; Zhang, Bo; Wang, Zheng
2016A hybrid wind/ solar energy converter for household applicationLi, Fei
2020Study of damage constitutive model of brittle rocks considering stress dropping characteristicsLi, Fei; You, Shuang; Ji, Hongguang; Wang, Hao