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20153D printed microfluidics for biological applicationsHo, Chee Meng Benjamin; Ng, Sum Huan; Li, King Ho Holden; Yoon, Yong-Jin
2017Advances in Single Cell Impedance Cytometry for Biomedical ApplicationsHou, Han Wei; Petchakup, Chayakorn; Li, King Ho Holden
2016Low-cost, disposable microfluidics device for blood plasma extraction using continuously alternating paramagnetic and diamagnetic capture modesKim, Pilkee; Ong, Eng Hui; Li, King Ho Holden; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Ng, Sum Huan Gary; Puttachat, Khuntontong
2017Micro-engineered perfusable 3D vasculatures for cardiovascular diseasesMenon, Nishanth Venugopal; Tay, Hui Min; Wee, Soon Nan; Li, King Ho Holden; Hou, Han Wei
2016Rapid and label-free microfluidic neutrophil purification and phenotyping in diabetes mellitusHou, Han Wei; Petchakup, Chayakorn; Tay, Hui Min; Tam, Zhi Yang; Dalan, Rinkoo; Chew, Daniel Ek Kwang; Li, King Ho Holden; Boehm, Bernhard Otto
2015Real-time precision pedestrian navigation solution using Inertial Navigation System and Global Positioning SystemYoon, Yong-Jin; Li, King Ho Holden; Lee, Jiahe Steven; Park, Woo-Tae